Doug / 02-02-2011 / Nursing Home Neglect/Abuse

$42.75 Million Award in Nursing Home Neglect Case

According to HeraldNet, a 92 year-old resident is dead due to nursing home neglect, according to a jury verdict handed down in a Hopkins County courthouse. The family of Joseph Clint Offut filed a complaint against Harborside of Madisonville because the man died only nine days after he started his stay in the nursing home.

Offutt suffered from dehydration despite having a feeding tube. His dehydration levels were fatal and the family alleges it was because the facility failed to ensure he received enough water to live.

Offut was a resident at the nursing home from March 25 to April 3; he died on April 5 2008. The resident had infections and bedsores at the time of his passing, which is another claim of neglect his family made against the facility.

The jury ultimately agreed with the family and awarded $42.75 million in damages. Offutt’s family described him as an active individual with a farming background. He planted crops on his land until the age of 88. He suffered a stroke and his wife took care of him for 8 months. His family thought he might receive advanced care if he is in a facility. Unfortunately, Offutt lasted only 9 days at Harborside of Madisonville.

The facility’s administrator spoke against the verdict and disagreed with the decision. She believes the facility was not negligent and that he received proper care. The nursing home plans to file an appeal and fight this multi-million decision.

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