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3 Motorcycle Safety Tips

There tends to be a bias that motorcycle riders are reckless and careless because of their choice of transportation. However, most experienced and passionate riders prioritize safety. They understand that when they climb onto their bikes, they’re taking a risk, but that’s why motorcycle safety is critical. Older riders often stress to younger and inexperienced riders that they should be careful and remember that if they enjoy riding, they’ll be able to do it for longer if they remain safe and unharmed. 

Unfortunately, even the most experienced and careful rider can get in an accident because of another negligent motorist. Riders are inherently more vulnerable to severe, debilitating, and even fatal injury because they lack the protection of an enclosed vehicle but can find it difficult to recover compensation. At Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis, we know the lengths riders go to keep themselves safe on the road. Our award-winning legal team can push back against negative stereotypes that insurance companies use to deny riders fair compensation. Protect your right to compensation by contacting our offices today. 


Important Tips for Motorcycle Safety 

Riding on a motorcycle is a thrilling experience, so it’s understandable why so many chose them as a form of transportation. However, like with any vehicle, riders need to do what they can to keep themselves and others on the road safe. Here are three motorcycle safety tips you can practice to make sure you get to ride your bike for a long time. 

1.  Select the Right Bike

The assumption is that a ride begins when you shift into first and ease of the clutch. However, motorcycle safety begins before even climbing onto the bike. A crucial first step for motorcycle safety is to select the right bike for you. People can sometimes decide on their bikes based on looks. People want their bike to look cool, and that’s understandable, but other factors matter more when selecting a bike, such as: 

  • Overall powers
  • Wet weight
  • Power-to-weight ratio
  • Your limits

Looking at the bike’s qualities is vital to finding the perfect bike, but so is understanding your personal limits. If the bike’s speed is more than you can handle, it’s too big, or you are unfamiliar with maneuvering a sidecar, then regardless of how cool it may look, that bike may not be the one for you. 

2. Always Wear a Full-Face Helmet

No helmet or an open-face helmet may seem cooler, not just in popularity, but temperature-wise. Unfortunately, as mentioned above, riders are at an increased risk of severe and fatal injuries because they don’t have seat belts to hold them in place or airbags to take the brunt of a hit. In the event of a serious accident that results in the rider being thrown off their bike, their full-face helmet can be the very thing to save their lives and prevent injuries that result in disfigurement or disability. 

3. Always Wear Protective Gear

Especially in the summer, it’s understandable to want to wear as few layers as possible. However, wearing the proper protective gear, even when it may appear uncomfortable, can mean the difference between minor cuts and bruises and severe, life-threatening injuries. Wearing protective gear means wearing:

  • Boots that cover the ankles or moto boots
  • An abrasion-resistant jacket with armor
  • Long pants/jeans or Motorcycle pants with armor
  • Gloves
  • Full-face helmet 

These many layers may seem like too much work, but it is worth it in the long run. To help with the heat, riders can select a white vented full-face helmet and opt to buy light-colored or white gear that doesn’t absorb as much heat as darker colors.


Get Help With Your Claim by Contacting a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Today 

Motorcycle riders are not only vulnerable on the road, but they are also vulnerable in the personal injury claim system. Riders are perceived to be reckless, and that can be used against them when trying to pursue compensation. The unfortunate goal of insurance companies is to limit their payouts, so they often claim the rider was at-fault either partially or fully, regardless of how that may impact the rider.

The experienced legal team at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis has the resources and skills to help our clients build strong claims that prove they’re entitled to compensation. We aggressively pursue fair compensation on your behalf, even if it means going to trial. Our experienced trial lawyers are determined to get our clients the best possible results for their situation. Contact us today to schedule a consultation through our contact form or call (407) 843-7060.

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