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3 Dangers of Summertime Driving in Florida

For many, summer is the best season of the year because they get a much-needed break. Whether it’s students thrilled to be free from homework or adults grateful for a few days away from work when summer rolls around, it’s exciting. Unfortunately, statistically, summer is also known as the deadliest time of year, especially for those on the road. According to The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA), the highest number of traffic-related fatalities and an increase of severe accident-related injuries occur between the months of July and September.

Having your summer take a turn for the worse because of a negligent driver can be incredibly frustrating and traumatic. The award-winning lawyers at Wooten, Kimbrough, Damaso & Dennis can help you navigate the personal injury claim process giving you the ability to focus on your personal affairs and hopefully get your summer back on track.


3 Dangers of Summertime Driving in Florida

Summer should be about enjoying the sunny days and the beautiful Florida beaches. Unfortunately, because Florida is such a hot spot for vacations, the fact that people want to take advantage of everything Florida has to offer is the thing that can put them in danger. As tourists begin to fill the roads and streets of Florida, traffic becomes more and more congested, which is a condition that presents inherits risk without the additional factors such as:

1. Increase in Impaired Drivers

Even without the excessive drinking that occurs on the 4th of July, summer break is often the chance for people to cut loose and enjoy themselves. However, as the blood alcohol level increases in the population, so does the risk that individuals will make the mistake of getting behind the wheel. In addition to their being drunk drivers on the road, there are also drunk pedestrians with impaired vision, balance, and response times, placing themselves and others on the road in serious danger. 

2. Increase of Inexperienced Drivers on the Road

Most teens are thrilled when they’re able to get their license. It gives them a sense of freedom and independence that they may not have felt before. While no one starts off as the perfect driver, and it’s understandable that new drivers (even new adult drivers) are learning as they go, that inexperience can have severe consequences. Inexperienced drivers are more prone to make poor driving decisions or being unfamiliar with certain rules, which increases their chances of being in an accident. 

3. Increase Risk of Tire Blowouts

The increase in temperature has many negative side effects on the environment and people’s health. As summers get hotter, we’re beginning to see the repercussions of the earth’s temperature warming up all around us. However, a more niche and unfamiliar side effect is the effect that hotter temperatures have on tires. The hot weather causes the air in tires to expand, which causes the tire to burst—a tire blowout. This is especially common during heat waves as temperatures rise into the hundreds. Motorists should always keep tire maintenance in their mind and frequently check their tires and vehicle to help prevent tire blowouts.  


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