Doug / 08-08-2013 / Auto Accidents

23 Injured in Chinese Bus Crash

23 people were injured when a semi-truck smashed into the back of a bus in Eastern China.  The accident was so severe, the bus flipped and the driver was thrown out the window of the bus, as seen in this video from CNN’s YouTube Channel.

This highlights the need for seat belts on buses and as we’ve mentioned in the past, school buses in Florida weren’t required to have them until recently.  Tour bus riders, however, are still not required to wear seat belts, and in fact some operators don’t even have them available to passengers.

While most bus rides in Florida arrive at their destination safely and without incident, no one knows when and where an accident will occur.  If a semi-truck hit a reversing tour bus in Orlando tomorrow, the result could very similar to this.

Needless to say, if you are on a tour bus that does offer seat belts, we strongly recommend you make use of them.  If the operator of your tour bus does not offer the safety device, you may want to consider a different mode of transportation.

If you are in an accident, please contact us and let us know what happened, and if any injuries occurred.  We would be happy to review the facts of your case and recommend options to speed your recovery.

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