Doug / 08-14-2008 / Auto Accidents

2007 Auto Accident Statistics Are Reported

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released the 2007 car crash fatalilty report for 2007 and once again, there was good news.  The number of fatalities dropped by over 1,000 from 2006, down to 41,059.

The largest decrease was in California, where there were 266 fewer fatalities and the largest percentage declines were in South Dakota and Vermont both at -24%.

There were some increases, however.  The largest was in North Carolina where there were 121 more fatalities in 2007 than 2006, and Alaska and the District of Columbia had the largest percentage increases of 14% and 19% respectively.

Florida’s auto accident fatalities decreased by 143 deaths, or -4.3%

While we have seen a decrease in the number of auto accidents, for the last 9 years there has been an increase in the number of motorcycle accidents and last year was no exception.  An additional 317, or 6.6% more, people, died on motorcycles than the previous year and a full 13 percent of all motorist fatalities involve either a motorcycle driver or passenger.

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