Doug / 03-07-2011 / Defective products

1 Million Child-Safety Seats Have Defect, Are Recalled

According to NBC, nearly 1 million child safety seats are being recalled due to a defect that put children at an increased risk of harm.

The seats being recalled, which were manufactured by the Dorel Juvenile Group (DJG,) include infant seats, booster seats and convertible seats.

The seats, which were sold from May 1st, 2008 until April 30th, 2009, were sold as individual seats and as part of a multi-functional travel system involving a stroller. The seats are Cosco, Maxi-Cosi and Safety 1st child restraint systems.

According to reports, the harness locking and release button does not always return to the locked position. This could result in loose straps or a loose harness, which in turn, could result in injury.

The recall includes model numbers as follows: IC072, 17439, 22077, 22078, 22148, 22149, 22150, 22152, 22154, 22155, 22158, 22159, 22172, 22177, 22178, 22185, 22188, 22195, 22346, 22356, 22371, 22372, 22412, 22439, 22449, 22452, 22453, 22456, 22458, 22459, 22462, 22465, 22469, 22475, 22476, 22486, 22546, 22547, 22553, 22554, 22560, 22561, 22564, 22574, 22580, 22657, 22740, 22741, 22755, 22758, 22759, 22790, 22799 and 22880.

Registered owners of the models recalled can contact the company to receive a free kit that includes a special non-toxic, food-grade lubricant that is applied to the center front adjuster. The lubricant prevents sticking, allowing for the product to function properly.

Non-registered owners should contact the DJG company through their website or contact the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA.)

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