Doug / 03-10-2011 / Medical Negligence

Toddler Waits Five Hours in Emergency Room, Suffers Partial Amputation

Ryan Jeffers and Leah Vang brought their toddler daughter Malyia to the Methodist Hospital in Sacramento when she had a persistent fever, skin discoloration and weakness. The couple waited with their sick daughter in the emergency room for five hours, and begged doctors and nurses to treat their daughter. Jeffers eventually forced his way into another office and demanded help for his daughter. Malyia fought a serious bacterial infection. The delay in care by emergency room doctors and nurses caused Malyia to lose part of all four of her limbs, according to a lawsuit filed by her parents.

Malyia had to be flown to Stanford University’s Children’s Hospital as the bacteria ravaged her body within those long five hours of waiting in the emergency room. Doctors found streptococcus A in her widespread infection, causing amputation of both her feet, her left hand and a part of her right hand. The toddler is now recovering in an intensive rehabilitation therapy and there is no telling of how much care she will need in the future.

Malyia’s parents are suing for an unknown amount at this time, as the amount needed for Malyia’s care is unknown. The couple filed a medical malpractice and negligence lawsuit against Catholic Healthcare West, Methodist Hospital and 5 emergency room employees. The parents allege Malyia’s suffering and loss of limbs came as a result of the hospital’s choice to negligently staff, operate and supervise the emergency room.

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