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BMW Recalls 2014 X5 SAV

Doug / 05-29-2014 / Car Accident

BMW of North America is recalling certain model year 2014 X5 SAV vehicles, which were manufactured between December, 2013 and March, 2014. The recall is due to the discovery of a defect with child safety locks. The rear locking mechanisms may not have been manufactured correctly, causing a previously engaged child safety lock to disengage […]


Generic Drugs Spark Suits

Doug / 03-26-2014 / Medical Malpractice

The United States Supreme Court has made a ruling that has caused concern for people taking generic versions of drugs rather than brand-name drugs. In PLIVIA v. Mensing, which was heard in 2011, the Court found that federal statutes and Food and Drug Administration regulations pre-empt state tort claims. This case involved two individuals who […]


Risperdal and the Risks it Poses

Doug / 10-25-2013 / Medical Malpractice

Recent studies link the drug Risperdal to a condition called Gynecomastia, a non-cancerous breast tissue growth, developing in young men.  The drug increases levels of prolactin, a hormone that the body releases to stimulate breast growth and the production of milk. In instances surgery is required to correct the condition. Though this condition is non-life […]


Acetaminophen: Why The Drug We Think Is Helping May Not Be

Doug / 09-24-2013 / Consumer Safety

More than 1,500 Americans have died from inadvertently overdosing on acetaminophen, over the past decade. Taking too much acetaminophen is one of the most common poisonings worldwide. The risk presented by taking too much of this common painkiller stands to affect consumers of all ages with symptoms including but not limited to abdominal pain, coma, […]


The Dangers of Generic Drugs: If Injured will you Received Justice?

Doug / 09-06-2013 / Consumer Safety

A series of cases have been heard by the U.S. Supreme Court that required them to deal with the question of when state tort law liability for those injured by prescription drugs is preempted by federal law. The issue centers around one main detail in each case, whether the drug taken was the brand name […]


Nationwide Recall of Daptomycin

Doug / 09-03-2013 / Consumer Safety

There has been a recent voluntary nationwide recall of four lots of the intravenous antibiotic drug daptomycin (CUBICIN), due to contamination. Four lots of the drug were found to have glass particles within the vials, the FDA and the drug’s manufacturer said. The affected lots, which were shipped by Cubist Pharmaceuticals, according to a statement […]


Was GSK Settlement Just ‘Slap on the Wrist’?

Doug / 07-20-2012 / Consumer Safety

On Monday, we began to discuss the record settlement British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline agreed to pay at the beginning of the month for illegally marketing and failing to report accurate safety information about defective drugs. However, as author Charles Seife noted in a July 9, 2012, article for the online magazine Slate, “When you sell some […]


GlaxoSmithKline to Pay $3 Billion in Record Settlement

Doug / 07-16-2012 / Consumer Safety

The US Department of Justice (DOJ) announced on July 2, 2012, that British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) will pay $3 billion in fines in the largest settlement involving a pharmaceutical company. GSK will plead guilty to marketing drugs for unapproved uses and failing to report drug safety information to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). […]


Honor Older Americans By Taking a More Active Role in Their Welfare

Doug / 05-11-2012 / Medical Negligence

On Monday, we discussed how May is Older Americans Month and began using the campaign as an opportunity to talk about nursing home abuse and neglect. The video above is fairly humorous advertisement for an assisted living home, but elder abuse and neglect is a problem that often occurs out of sight and, thus, stays […]


Overview of Defective Drug Laws

Doug / 02-24-2012 / Consumer Safety

Pharmaceutical companies have a responsibility to the public to ensure that their medications are safe for the public. They must warn people of all known associated risks and side effects. This applies to both prescription medications and over-the-counter medications. Drugs do get manufactured with defects, and it is more common than anyone would like to […]


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