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8.7 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled

Doug / 04-25-2014 / Consumer Safety

According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), as part of an ongoing investigation it has been discovered that meat processed by a California company may not be fit for consumption. A Northern California company has recalled over 8.7 million pounds of meat due to discovery that diseased and unhealthy animals might have […]


Attention Florida Winn Dixie Shoppers

Doug / 02-19-2014 / Consumer Safety

As of January 12, 2014, Winn Dixie announced an immediate recall of 30 oz. canisters of the store’s Instant Chocolate Drink Mix, with the expiration date JUL 14 15B. The product was pulled fro the shelves of Winn Dixie locations throughout Florida due to a potential incorrect formula mixture, which could result in an undeclared […]


The Pill of the Poisoned Apple

Doug / 10-29-2013 / Consumer Safety

It seems that as long as children have gone from door to door dressed in costume and asking for candy there has been some rumor of poisoned or tampered candies coming home.  Each of us can certainly remember sitting on the living room floor while Mom and Dad went through our evening’s take looking for […]


Hidden Dangers in the Sea

Doug / 10-08-2013 / Consumer Safety

Over the course of this year at least 27 Floridians have become sick from infections of Vibrio vulnificus. Vibrio vulnificus is a deadly bacterium that lives in warm and/or brackish seawater. It is the most underreported foodborne pathogen, according to CDC. The infection is commonly associated with eating raw shellfish, such as oysters and often […]


How the Federal Government Shutdown is Harming Your Health

Doug / 10-02-2013 / Consumer Safety

As we’re sure you’re aware of by now, fighting between the parties in our nation’s capitol have lead to a shutdown of many of the Federal Government’s functions.  While we’re not about to weigh in on Obamacare and whether it is good or bad for the country or the economy, we do want to bring […]


Starting a Food Fight in Federal Court

Doug / 09-03-2013 / Consumer Safety

The Northern District of California Federal Court is turning into a scene from “Animal House” with fighting left and right. This is not the typical food fight we all know and remember, but a legal battle over labeling and healthy food choices. According to Contra Costa Times, “class-actions lawsuits have piled up […] targeting the […]


Do I Have a Case Against Walt Disney World?

Doug / 01-25-2012 / Consumer Safety

Q: My 15-month-old daughter and husband became violently ill after sharing a children’s meal at a restaurant on Walt Disney World’s property in Orlando. My daughter was hospitalized for nausea, vomiting and dehydration. The doctor suspected food poisoning. It took my daughter a month to fully purge her infant system of the toxins and to […]


Florida Man Dies From Airline Food Poisoning

Doug / 12-14-2011 / Consumer Safety

The family of a Florida man who died from food poisoning from a meal he consumed on a flight has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against American Airlines, according to ABC News. Othon Cortes, 73, died after eating a chicken meal on a flight that was contaminated. His widow and daughter filed the suit. American […]


Halloween Safety Reminder

Doug / 10-28-2011 / Car Accident

With Halloween and trick-or-treaters out this weekend, we’d like to remind all of our readers that safety should always be your top priority.  Here are a few things to keep in mind as you enjoy the holliday: Only eat candy in manufactured, sealed packaging.  Avoid homemade or treats in sandwich bags to prevent possible food […]


Top Five Deadliest Food-Borne Illnesses

Doug / 10-07-2011 / Food-borne Illnesses

Listeria is all of a suddenly the most popular word on the news and Internet. Listeria is one of many types of bacteria that have been found in the food supply, triggering food poisoning and sometimes death. It seems as if the entire U.S. food supply has experienced some type of bacteria, from listeria-contaminated spinach […]


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