Doug / 10-24-2011 / Dog bites

13-Year-Old Girl Recovering From Pit Bull Attack

A 13-year-old girl, Tayla Johnson, in Deerfield Beach was attacked by a pit bull in October, according to the  Her grandmother told reporters she is recovering well and will not in fact need reconstructive surgery.

“She’s doing very good.  It wasn’t a brutal mauling,” says Gwendolyn McKeithen.  “We believe in the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ.  God is answering our prayers.”

The victims’ grandmother did not know exactly how many stitches the young girl received after the dog attack, but said “she doesn’t have very many.”

The pit bull, MJ, was brought over to the house by a friend and was said to weigh over 100 lbs.  It attacked Johnson suddenly and it is unclear what triggered the attack.  Neighbors eventually got the dog off the young girl using wooden and aluminum baseball bats, but it continued to attack the girl.  A neighbor shot the dog, possibly saving her life.

Pit bulls are banned in parts of Florida.  Do you think they should be banned across the entire state?

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