Nursing Home Abuse Verdicts and Settlements

From Our Orlando Nursing Home Attorneys

Orlando Nursing Home Neglect Attorneys - Neglect PhotoBecause of its wonderful climate and other amenities, Florida is a retirement haven with a significant elderly population. However, such a high elderly population places a considerable strain on the nursing home and assisted living industry. When some reports claim that more than 90 percent of nursing homes are understaffed, that means that many of our beloved relatives fall through the cracks, resulting in nursing home neglect and abuse.

Our experienced Orlando nursing home attorneys have handled many cases in this area, including:

  • We represented an elderly man who had 30 bedsores all over his body, including his ears. We investigated the case and discovered video that showed the man lying in his own feces. We obtained a significant settlement to compensate for this man’s horrible treatmet. Due to the settlement’s conditions, we cannot disclose the amount.
  • We obtained several million dollars on behalf of a family who lost a loved one in a nursing home assault. Through our investigation, we found out that the nursing home knew about the attacker’s history of violence. However, it would have lost money if it transferred the patient to a psychiatric institution.
  • We obtained a confidential resolution for the family of a woman who choked to death on a peanut butter sandwich while in an Alzheimer’s/dementia ward of an assisted living facility. The suit alleged that the staff did not supervise the woman and gave her food without making sure her dentures were in place, even though the facility knew that she had difficulty chewing and, due to her dementia, would frequently remove her dentures and try to eat without them. The family set up a care plan specifically designed to make sure that she would not receive sticky or hard to swallow foods and that her eating would be carefully monitored to ensure that she did not eat without her dentures. The diet provided was not safe for her condition. The food, coupled with the lack of supervision at the assisted living facility, caused her to choke to death unsupervised. Case discovery revealed that peanut butter sandwiches have a high degree of risk for choking, especially in patients with swallowing issues and even more so without proper dentures. The ALF knew about the woman’s dietary requirements but did not take the care required to protect the resident. The resident did not have the mental capacity to protect herself and although the family paid a substantial fee for higher degree of care, the special supervision was not provided as promised. Through arbitration, the family received an award for the loss of a loved one.. The family was very diligent in seeking justice for this case while ensuring that the the assisted living facility took care in the future to protect the rights of ALF residents (as required under Florida Chapter 400 of the Florida Statutes).

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