Auto Accident Verdicts and Settlements

Success Stories from our Orlando Car Accident Attorneys

Photo of a car accidentOur Our Orlando car accident lawyers have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of victims injured in traffic accidents. While your insurance company may offer you a certain amount of money for your injury, we can often double or triple that amount with a verdict or settlement. Here are a few car accident cases that we have won or settled:

  • While inside a phone booth, a roofer sustained serious injuries when two cars crashed into him. We recovered a $1.5 million verdict.
  • An equipment company employed an unqualified driver. We helped secure a seven-figure settlement in a wrongful death claim.
  • After surviving a car accident, the other party attempted to blame the accident on our client’s alcohol consumption. We obtained a large jury verdict for our client.

Verdicts and Settlements for Other Vehicle Accidents

We have also earned compensation for victims of pedestrian, train, truck, bus, motorcycle, bus and rental car wrecks. In addition to negligent drivers, factors like poor road design, equipment failure and defective car seats have caused serious injuries for our clients. Some examples include:

  • When a deputy sheriff failed to direct traffic correctly, it resulted in a serious motorcycle accident. We obtained a jury award in our clients’ favor.
  • A retiree sustained a spinal cord injury during a truck accident. We settled the case for about $1 million.
  • A mother of three children swerved to avoid debris that fell from the truck in front of her. The car rolled, and she was ejected from the vehicle. She injured her spine, and we recovered a mult-million dollar settlement on her behalf.
  • Our client received several million dollars in jury verdict following a tractor trailer accident (see link for more details.
  • A dump truck crashed into a Jeep Wrangler. Before officially filing the lawsuit, we received a settlement on behalf of the Wrangler driver.

If you or a loved one sustained injuries in a Florida car accident or truck accident, please contact our Orlando car accident attorneys. You can submit a contact form online or call us at 1-800-235-7060.