Theme Park Fatalities and Roller Coaster Deaths

Orlando Wrongful Death Attorneys Who Care About Your Loss

Our wrongful death attorney will not allow theme park companies to suppress news or evidence of negligence in their parks. Millions of people visit Orlando’s many theme parks with the expectation of a day of relaxation and fun. Unfortunately, hazardous conditions and negligent ride operation cause thousands of people to suffer theme park injuries every year. Sadly, some of these serious injuries eventually result in the wrongful death of the victim. When theme park’s negligence causes fatal accidents, the Orlando wrongful death attorneys at Wooten Kimbrough, P.A. are prepared to hold them responsible for their actions.

What Causes an Amusement Park Fatality?

Amusement park fatalities can have many different causes. Past cases include:

  • Improper roller coaster restraints
  • Safety mechanism failures
  • Ride operator negligence
  • Failure to provide adequate medical treatment
  • Criminal acts

A Theme Park Death is Bad for Business

Some of the world’s most popular theme parks are located in Florida, including Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Universal Studios Florida. On a typical day, tens of thousands of individuals and families give their business to these amusement sites, which translates into millions of dollars in revenue for the park owners.

However, theme park companies know that any deaths on their premises will be bad for business, which is why they often suppress any news about deaths that occurred in the park. These corporations also know that the family members of the deceased may have the right to pursue legal action over the wrongful death of their loved ones.

Most theme park companies will have legal teams who will stop at nothing to discredit a family’s claim to compensation in addition to trying to limit the amount of compensation that the theme park has to pay to surviving family members. If you lost a loved one and the company offered you a settlement, we caution you have your case reviewed by an experienced Orlando injury attorney before making any decisions.

Our Wrongful Death Attorney Fights for Families Seeking Justice

However, this recovery can help your family in the wake of this sudden loss. Legal action can result in an award of damages for medical expenses, funeral costs, the loss of companionship as well as the loss of your loved one’s wages and job benefits. But, we understand that no amount of compensation will ease the emotional pain of losing a loved one. Contact our wrongful death lawyers at (800)235-7060 for a free consultation just to hear your options.