Did You Slip and Fall at a Theme Park or Water Park?

Contact an Orlando Premises Liability Attorney to Learn About Your Rights

Our Orlando slip and fall lawyer offers a free consultation for theme park accidents (Florida premises liability).Floridians and visitors alike enjoy Orlando’s theme parks, from the Magic Kingdom® Park to Epcot® to Universal’s Islands of Adventure® and many more. These parks offer an irresistible vacation opportunity for the whole family, and they enjoy the patronage of tens of millions of people every year. However, the corporations that own the amusement parks do not always ensure the safety of their grounds, parking lots, roller coasters or water tubes. Some of the most common injuries in these parks result from preventable slip and fall accidents, which falls under Florida premises liability law.

Effects of Slip and Fall Accidents

Theme parks are generally safe environments when the owners take the necessary actions to keep the premises free of hazards and dangerous conditions. However, negligence, ignorance and a lack of effort can compromise the safety of guests who enter the park.

Wet floors, unmarked hazards, dimly lit stairwells, faulty escalators and missing handrails can all result in harmful slip and fall accidents. While these accidents may seem like minor injuries, they have been to known result in:

  • Broken bones
  • Lacerations
  • Internal injuries
  • Sprained ankles and wrists
  • Spine and back injuries

When a slip and fall occurs, the theme park will often rush to offer a settlement to the victim. This settlement is can be far less than what the person will ultimately pay in medical expenses, lost wages and rehabilitation over the course of his or her injury.

To get the full amount of compensation that a premises liability victim deserves, it may be beneficial to retain the assistance of an experienced Orlando slip and fall lawyer to handle their case. Even if you are not a resident of Florida or the United States, it is helpful to gain the support of legal representation who has years of experience handling Florida-based theme park lawsuits.

If You Are Hurt At an Orlando Theme Park, Our Lawyers Know What to Do

Sadly, accidents happen, and a slip and fall accident can be a very serious injury. Any person who suffered injuries resulting from a trip and fall should consider speaking with one of our Orlando slip and fall lawyers about a potential personal injury claim.

At Wooten Kimbrough, P.A., we know how to protect the rights of anyone affected by a theme park’s negligence. You do not have to accept whatever settlement the theme park company offered you. Please contact our law firm for a free consultation at (800)235-7060.