Adventure Island Water Park Accident

If It Happens to You, Call Our Orlando Accident Attorneys

Adventure Island is a popular Tampa water park that is under the same ownership as SeaWorld®. Located across the street from Busch Gardens® Tampa, it is about an hour and a half from Orlando and is the seventh most popular water park in the United States with over 600,000 visitors per year. Visitors to the park should practice basic theme park safety and be aware of a possible water park accident, such as lighting strikes and slip and fall accidents.

Popular Adventure Island Attractions

Major attractions at Adventure Island include:
Picture of Adventure Island Water Park rollercoaster

  • Colassal Curl
  • Rambling Bayou™
  • Splash Attack
  • Spike Zone
  • Fabian’s Fun Port
  • Aruba Tuba
  • Endless Surf
  • Calypso Coaster
  • Caribbean Corkscrew
  • Everglides
  • Key West Rapids
  • Rip Tide
  • Paradise Lagoon
  • Runaway Rapids
  • Wahoo Run
  • Water Moccasin

After a Water Park Accident, Call Us for a Free Consultation

While the staff at Adventure Island tries to follow the appropriate safety procedures, there are occasions where water park accidents occur. If you were injured as a tourist at Adventure Island, it is important to speak with an experienced Orlando accident attorney today by calling (800)235-7060.