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Back To School Traffic Safety

All of the schools throughout Central Florida are back in session. Everyday hundreds of thousands of children are waiting for buses, walking on our sidewalks, and crossing streets. Not to mention there is a whole new batch of teenage drivers getting ready to get behind the wheel. The importance of safe driving is heightened during the morning and afternoon hours when these children are traveling to and from school. So far the 2014-2015 school year has been a safe one. There have been no reported incidents or accidents related to children traveling to/from school. However, across the nation, some communities have suffered tragic accidents. In Montgomery, Alabama, a middle school child was severely injured when they tried to cross a street that had the green light, even after motorists warned the child not to cross until the light turned red. In an effort to prevent any tragic back-to-school accidents here…
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Playgrounds and Recess: A Thing of the Past?

American schools are following a trend of removing playgrounds and some all together are eliminating recess. Many adults can think back on fond memories of touch football, tag, and even just swinging on a swing with friends at school when they were younger.  Unfortunately it appears that for children now a day, they will not get the same break during the day to play and socialize with their friends during the school day. School Districts in parts of the country have banned recess in its entirety claiming it is due to lawsuits and the frivolity of interrupting students’ studies to go outside and play. Dr. Olga Jarrett, an associate professor at Georgia State University, is a supporter of continuing recess within schools because she believes from her research play is critical for healthy development and affects children not only socially and emotionally but also physically and academically. Children who do…
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Take Care When Back to School Shopping

It’s sadly true, but going back to school may be harmful to your child’s health? This year, when you’re shopping for school supplies remember that many may contain hidden hazards, especially in products containing vinyl. High levels of toxic phthalates, banned in toys and associated with birth defects, ADHD, obesity, behavioral problems and asthma, have been discovered in almost 75% of children’s back to school supplies. In a report by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, seemingly harmless school supplies were tested in a laboratory, revealing potentially dangerous toxins. Products tested, including Spiderman, Dora, and Disney brand lunch boxes, rain boots, coats, backpacks, and binders were all found to have elevated levels of these toxic phthalates, causing serious concern as such use is already banned in other products. Here are some examples of items you should avoid purchasing: Disney Lunchboxes (contained 29 times the federal limit of toxins) Spiderman Lunchboxes/Backpacks (contained…
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