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2013 Blue Rhino Propane Blast Caused by Human Error

In 2013, on July 29th, thousands of 20-pound propane tanks exploded off County Road 448 in Tavares, FL.  Eight people were seriously injured including being critically burned in the conflagration that shut down the Blue Rhino processing plant.  Investigators are now stating that, as was expected, the explosion was caused by human error.  (Orlando Sentinel) In his initial interview after the accident, Tavares Fire Chief Richard Keith stated, “We honestly think it was probably an equipment failure with a combination of human error from one of the staff.” (WESH Orlando)  His initial suspicions have now been confirmed. Workers at the Blue Rhino plant repair, refurbish, and refill propane cylinders that are commonly used by consumers.  According to this month’s report, “leaking cylinders or containers that must be drained before they can be reconditioned are supposed to be moved from the storage yard to an ‘evacuation station’ where the propane can be…
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The Reality of Slip & Fall Accidents

Falls account for more than 8 million hospital emergency room visits, making up 21.3% of visits. Of that 8 million, a million involve slip and falls (12% of total falls). Over 9 million disabling slip ad falls occur per year. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has linked flooring material as a direct contributing factor in over two million fall injuries a year. According to a survey taken by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 35 % of work related injuries are related to a fall and slip and falls account for 65% of work days lost. The elderly (adults over age 55) are more prone to fall related accidents. In fact one in three elder individuals fall each year and often will fall again in the future. Over 60% of nursing home residents fall each year and as we age a fall can pose more serious injuries. Half of all elderly…
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Hot Coffee Lawsuits

Decades ago a there was a famous suit brought against McDonald’s, involving a patron spilling coffee on themselves and being severely burned as a result of the excessively hot beverage. The case made headlines after the elderly patron was awarded nearly 3 million in 1994, for her injuries. In the years following that case suits have followed involving excessively hot beverages and injuries such as burns, scars and various other injuries resulting from the liquid. A California woman has brought suit against an Oakland fast-food chain, In-N-Out Burger, after as she alleges she was handed an “excessively hot” cup of coffee. The beverage was so hot in fact she was unable to hold it. The woman dropped the hot beverage and suffered burns as a result. To make matters worse employees of the establishment refused to assist the woman by calling 911, and instead gave her ice and encouraged her…
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