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On the Importance of Taking Responsibility

Many people are quick to look down on Personal Injury attorneys.  Often they are referred to negatively as “Ambulance Chasers” and it’s alluded that they prey on the weak to take advantage of Big Business and Big Insurance to enrich themselves and their clients at the cost of raised premiums for insurance carriers.  Given mainstream media examples like Saul Goodman and Bob Loblaw it’s not hard to find out where this image comes from.  And while there are real-life examples of these fictional tropes, most Personal Injury attorneys really are there to help protect people, even those same Big Businesses and Big Insurance companies. Separating the Good from the Bad What a good Personal Injury attorney wants is to ensure everyone is taking responsibility for actions or inaction that caused someone to be injured.  That includes taking on those same responsibilities themselves.  When a client comes to one of these…
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School Bus Carrying Special Needs Children Involved in Accident

A school bus in Orange County, Florida carrying a group of special needs students was involved in an accident on August 22, according to the Orlando Sentinel. According to reports the bus struck a red Hyundai. None of the passengers suffered injury. The bus accident occurred at the intersection of Glenrod and Bates, with early reports indicating the driver of the bus was at fault. Witnesses claim the bus driver was in a hurry to make a left turn and pulled out in front of the car. The bus driver will receive a written reprimand and also be subjected to a drug and alcohol test. Every school day over 22 million children ride on school buses. Bus drivers have a responsibility to keep these children safe. “On average, over the past 11 years, school buses have been involved in over 26,000 crashes, resulting in less than 1,000 incapacitating injuries and…
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10 Apps That Help Prevent Distracted Driving

On Monday, we discussed the “How is my KID driving?” app created by Cooper City father Mike McManigal to help parents monitor their teens’ driving. However, here are 10 other apps currently available which can also reduce “driving while intexticated”: Drive First — This Sprint app locks the phone when your car is traveling faster than 10 miles per hour and automatically sends all calls to voice mail. Drive Mode — This AT&T app automatically replies to incoming text messages by letting the sender know you are driving and unable to reply. It also blocks Internet browsing and outgoing phone calls, as well as silencing audio for texts, emails and phone calls. DriveSafe.ly — Featuring one touch activation, this hands-free app reads your text messages and emails aloud in real time, eliminating the need to touch the phone while driving. Driver Feedback — As featured in the video above, this…
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