Orlando Truck Accident Lawyer Secures Tractor Trailer Accident Verdict

Client Receives Multi-Million Dollar Award

Our Orlando truck accident lawyers obtained a multi-million dollar verdict for our client who sustained severe injuries in a tractor trailer accident.Our Orlando truck accident lawyers recently obtained a multi-million dollar jury verdict for our client who sustained severe injuries in a truck accident involving an overturned tractor trailer. This young man was a passenger in a motor vehicle, which struck the underside of this tractor trailer rig on an unlit section of I-95 at about 5:30 a.m. The passenger compartment of the van was quite small and the clearance between our client’s knees and the bolster of the dashboard was only a few inches. Despite wearing his seat belt and the deployment of the air bag, our client’s knees slammed into the steel bolster of the dashboard, resulting in a fracture dislocation of one hip and internal derangement of both knees.

The Catastrophic Effects of Truck Accidents

Our client initially underwent surgical repair of the displaced hip fracture. Unfortunately, the trauma was so severe that it resulted in a loss of blood to the head of the femur. This blood loss to the femoral head eventually resulted in the death of the bone in that area, which in turn required a total hip replacement some six months after the first surgery. The treating orthopedic surgeon testified that our client’s artificial hip would have to be replaced at least once and probably twice during his lifetime.

Despite the fact that truck driver negligence appeared to play a significant role in the accident, the driver’s insurance carrier defended the case, arguing not only that the driver of our van was responsible for the collision, but that our client also bore responsibility for his injuries for failing to wear his seat belt. The trucker’s insurance carrier vigorously litigated these issues, as well as the extent and future effects of our client’s injuries, over the course of several years.

After Lengthy Litigation, a Victory

Ultimately, the jury in its verdict found that the driver of our client’s vehicle did not share any fault for the collision, and that our client, in fact, was wearing his seat belt at the time of the collision. This jury awarded several million dollars for our client’s past and future medical care, his past and future wage loss claim and his past and future pain and suffering. We were very pleased that we were successful in defeating the claims being made by the insurance company’s lawyers and with the result we were able to achieve for our client.

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