Hotel and Resort Liability

Our Orlando Injury Lawyers Hold Corporations Accountable for Negligence

Photo of a fallen person behind a wet floor signThe official tourism department of Orlando stated that the city contains approximately 115,200 hotel guest rooms. Each year, a variety of guests visit these rooms, which includes vacationing families, theme park visitors, individuals on business and weary travelers.

While hotels and resorts often provide a place for guests to gain invaluable rest and comfort, negligent hotel owners and staff can also be the cause of serious personal injuries. When this occurs, the Orlando injury lawyers at Wooten Kimbrough, P.A. stand ready to help the victims of hotel and resort injuries.

Hotel and Resort Liability

Hotel and resort owners know that visitors to Orlando bring billions of dollars of business through their doors annually. However, if these companies are inviting individuals and their families onto their property to gain a profit, they have the legal obligation to provide a safe and secure environment. Unfortunately, this does not always occur.

Most injuries at a hotel or resort fall under premises liability law. Individuals may be able to hold companies liable for injuries on their premises if any of the following caused a serious accident:

Legal action may also be possible in cases of food poisoning from hotel restaurants, illnesses caused by unsanitary conditions as well as any injuries resulting from criminal acts on hotel premises.

All hotel guests have rights under the law, regardless of whether they are a resident of Florida or the United States. However, it is essential to have an experienced and qualified Orlando injury attorney handling your case. Hotel companies have their own dedicated legal teams working to discredit your claim to receive compensation, but having aggressive legal counsel on your side will ensure that you have the ability to gain your deserved recovery.

Our Orlando Injury Attorneys Offer Personal Attention to Your Liability Case

We are an Orlando-based law firm, committed to gaining justice on behalf of residents and visitors alike. Whether you were hurt on vacation or while in town for business, our Orlando injury lawyers will fight to hold the negligent hotel responsible for your injuries.