Our Orlando Food Poisoning Lawyers Assist with Norwalk Claims

Photo of noro virus/calici virusCalicivirus, also known as Norwalk or Norwalk-like virus, is unlike most food borne illnesses in that humans likely spread the disease. It is associated more with acute vomiting rather than diarrhea, and symptoms usually subside within two days. Known as the Cruise Ship Virus, Norwalk is a common tourist injury for people visiting Florida. Exposure to the virus is still dangerous, and determining how a patient was exposed can be difficult. If you have become ill due to the Norwalk-like virus, it is very important that you contact an Orlando food poisoning lawyer.

At Wooten Kimbrough, P.A., we have experience  helping individuals recover from food poisoning. If you have been exposed to Calicivirus through the negligence of a food service worker, contact an Orlando food poisoning attorney at our law firm today. You may be able to recover damages related to your suffering, expenses and missed work. Schedule a free consultation with us and we can let you know what your best options are.