Pharmacy Error or Prescription Mix-up?

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In an effort to maximize profits, some pharmacies are short-staffed, and the remaining staff is overworked. Lower-paid pharmacy technicians are performing many duties that the pharmacist should cover, sometimes leading to mistakes in prescriptions and serious injuries. These pharmacy errors might include:

  • Filling the prescription with the wrong drug
  • Giving the medication to the wrong patient
  • Prescribing an incorrect dosage
  • Providing incorrect instructions for use.

Whether the medicine itself is wrong, or the dosage is incorrect, it could cause the condition to linger longer than it should. It can also cause death or serious injury from, in effect, poisoning with the wrong medication or wrong dosage.

Dangers of Combining Medications

Our Orlando medical malpractice attorneys offers a free consultation & have experience in handling claims for dangerous medication errors.Until recently, the state legislature failed to address the dangers of medications mixing with each other and causing catastrophic effects. Accordingly, Florida lawmakers revised the law to hold pharmacists accountable for the errors they cause when they fail to consider the interaction among the drugs a patient is prescribed.

Pharmacists know that certain dosages of medications and certain combinations of medicines are dangerous and potentially lethal. Florida law now recognizes a duty on the part of the pharmacist to take reasonable care – the care a reasonably prudent pharmacist would take. This includes watching for, warning and protecting the patient from these dangerous interactions.

A pharmacist can no longer fill a known combination of lethal medications and then claim no responsibility. If a reasonable and prudent pharmacist should know of the danger to the consumer from drug interactions, then the pharmacist must do something to warn the patient, or contact the doctors involved, to help prevent injury to the consumer who is paying for their services and relying on their expertise.

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