Questions about Medical Negligence?

Ask our Orlando Medical Malpractice Lawyers

Photo of Frequently Asked Questions signBelow are a list of questions that clients typically have about medical malpractice and medical negligence cases. If you feel that your doctor or health care provider in Florida was negligent, please call us now to see if our Orlando medical malpractice lawyers can assist you.

What is medical malpractice?

Medical Malpractice is negligence by a professional healthcare provider, such as a nurse, doctor, dentist, therapist or hospital whose treatment of a patient departs from the prevailing professional standard of care and causes harm to the patient.

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What is the statute of limitations in a medical malpractice case and what does it mean?

You must file a medical malpractice case within a limited period. It can be difficult to determine the exact date the time that the statute of limitations expires since it is determined by the individual facts of your case. For these reasons, if you think you have a claim for medical negligence, you should contact an Orlando medical malpractice attorney immediately to discuss your potential case.

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Who has a case if I die from medical negligence?

If a negligent health care provider caused your death, your estate and survivors may have a wrongful death case. Under Florida law, your survivors include a surviving spouse, children under age 25 and people you supported. In Florida, children over 25 do not have a claim for loss of a parent if the parent did not support them.

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Are there caps on the amount of damages I can collect in a medical negligence case?

Yes. Our legislature has passed caps on damages in some medical malpractice claims. The amount of the cap(s) may vary depending on the case and whom it is against. You should always consult an attorney for your specific case to determine if a cap on damages applies to your situation.

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How do I know if my health care provider’s care was negligent?

In Florida, expert witnesses with special medical education and training will ultimately determine if the medical care departed from the accepted standard of care and caused injury to the patient.

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What do I do if I think I have a medical malpractice case?

You should contact an Orlando medical malpractice attorney who specializes in this type of case as soon as possible. When you meet with your lawyer, bring any medical records and bills you have and be ready to explain exactly what happened from your first contact with the doctor or other healthcare provider, through your last contact. There are time limits within which you can bring the claim, so time is important.

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