Causes of a Truck Accident

Orlando Truck Accident Attorneys Offer Experience in These Cases

With experience as a truck accident attorney, it is common to see driver error, driver qualifications & defective truck parts as causes of truck accidents.While many might assume the truck driver is always to blame when a car and commercial truck collide, many other factors can determine fault in accidents involving 18 wheelers. For example, in addition to the careless acts of truck drivers, trucking companies can also be a contributing factor in these wrecks if they were to put stressful demands on their drivers and schedule too many runs with not enough time between them.

We know how crucial it is to begin investigating what happened right away. This includes gathering the driving logs, investigating the truck crash and working alongside the best truck accident specialists needed to strengthen your case on your behalf, so you and your family can begin getting your lives back on track.

Common Causes of Truck Wrecks

We know that not all companies or truck drivers ignore safety. In fact, many trucking outfits make safety a top priority of their company. However, others seem to care only about getting loads to the next destination in the shortest amount of time. This mindset puts profits before safety.

In our truck accident practice, our attorneys have handled claims in which even small, careless actions made by the company, driver or others resulted in some of the most devastating consequences for motorists. Frequently, we have seen how many crashes are caused by:

  • Driver Error. This may include improper loading (such as loading too much cargo on one side of the truck or exceeding weight limits), reckless driving (such as texting while driving), driver fatigue and more.
  • Driver Qualifications. To be able to drive a commercial vehicle, the driver must be physically qualified, pass a driving test and pass a background test. The trucking company is responsible for checking these things.
  • Defective truck parts. We all depend on manufacturers providing safe products, especially when it comes to something we rely on to work correctly 100 percent of the time. When trucking parts fail, the manufacturing companies, mechanics who improperly installed the components or the trucking companies in charge of maintaining their fleets may be responsible for collisions.

What are the Trucking Laws and Regulations that Apply in Trucking Accident?

Many state and federal regulations are in place to keep the public safe on our roadways, including the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations (FMCSR). Unfortunately, some companies that put profits before people do not comply with these regulations. These companies may not even have internal procedures, and if they do, the program in place is not always adequate.

It is crucial for companies to have systems in place for the following:

  • There are resting requirements that companies and truck drivers must adhere to make sure truck drivers get enough rest both during and between long hauls.
  • Companies should require all their drivers to keep a log of hours on versus hours off, stops for rest and routes driven.
  • Instituting quality internal safety procedures within the company are critical. These internal procedures should include internal training and defensive driving programs, continuing education and refresher courses to remind drivers about trucking safety.

Trucking companies should constantly update and modify the safety procedures they have in place to promote safety on our roadways. When they do not give their drivers enough rest, when they hire and continue to employ truckers with bad driving records or who are otherwise not qualified to drive for a commercial purpose, accidents that result in severe injuries can and do happen.

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