Insurance Claim Denied?

Our Orlando Insurance Lawyers Can Help

Picture of Florida man on the phone with insurance agentAny time a hurricane is approaching Florida, we all hope for the best. However, strong winds and flooding often cause significant damage, along with serious injuries. As a result of a hurricane, you may experience one of the following:

  • Roof Damage
  • Structural Damage
  • Commercial Damage
  • Automobile Damage
  • Boat Damage
  • Other Types of Property Damage

Often times, insurance companies will refuse to pay or to treat property owners fairly when handling property damage claims. If you believe you received unfair treatment from your insurance carrier, you have the right to discuss your claim with an Orlando insurance attorney. Our firm has handled numerous types of property damage insurance claim disputes. If you have difficulty resolving an insurance claim as a result of a recent hurricane, please contact our firm.

Our Experience with Insurance Disputes and Denials

Insurance companies are notorious for taking in premiums but then finding excuses to avoid payment on claims. Each Orlando insurance attorney at our firm fights insurance companies to make them pay what they promised when they took your premium payment.

Insurance dispute cases we have handled range from refusal to pay life insurance claims to consumers whose automobile or health insurer refuses to pay benefits. For example:

  • An Orlando insurance lawyer at our firm represented a widow with young children. Her provider denied her claim based on the false information that her husband committed suicide. We proved that it was actually an accidental death, and the insurer payed what it owed.
  • In another case, a man’s boat caught on fire. The insurance company denied the claim based on an insinuation of arson. We litigated the case for a year and settled on the eve of trial. The insurance company paid the claim and apologized to our client.

The Insurance Company Denied My Claim. Now What?

Even if the amount is small, for example, a doctor’s visit, a medical test, or a car repair, if the benefit is covered under the terms of your policy, then it’s only right that the insurer should pay. Do not be afraid to demand the compensation you are legally entitled to receive. We will handle these matters for you, and with your No Recovery/No Fee policy, you do not pay anything in attorney fees unless and until we obtain money for you (basic court costs are not included in attorney fees). In fact, oftentimes, the insurance company will be required to pay the attorney’s fee for you.

If you filed a claim with your insurance company — whether life, health, disability, mortgage, auto, boat, renter’s or any other type of insurance — and your insurance company engaged in unfair practices, denied your claim, delayed in paying you, and/or underpaid what you were entitled to under the terms of the policy, our experienced Orlando injury lawyers can help.