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What are you supposed to do when the very thing that you expect to provide you with protection becomes the source of your pain and suffering? When a car recall or defect leads to an auto accident, victims and their families are often left to face a mountain of difficulties on their own, including:

  • Adjusting to life after suffering a catastrophic injury, such as a spinal cord or traumatic brain injury (TBI)
  • Enduring years of rehabilitation and physical therapy to recover from a debilitating injury
  • Finding a new way to make a living, because you are physically unable to perform your current job
  • Figuring out how to keep going on after losing a child or life partner in a tragic car crash
  • Living with the psychological damage, including emotional distress and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) associated with being involved in a car accident where people were killed or suffered traumatic injuries

As our verdicts and settlements show, our car defect lawyer can help you and your family after an accident or injury caused by a defective auto.At Wooten Kimbrough, P.A., we know how important it is for injury victims to have the right Orlando car defect lawyer handling their product liability case. Since 1966, we have been helping individuals and families throughout Florida who are suffering because of a car recall or car defects.

For us, taking on negligent individuals and entities because of a defective product is what we do every day. Automakers, insurance companies and their armies of lawyers do not intimidate us. Our product liability lawyers know exactly what they are doing. As our verdicts and settlements show, we have spent decades guiding victims and their families step-by-step through the process of bringing negligent parties to justice and can do the same for you.

Types of Car Defects

There are several types of auto defects that can lead to car accidents, including but not limited to:

  • Brake failure
  • Defective tires
  • Structural and crashworthiness problems
  • Acceleration defects
  • Airbag failure
  • Seat belt issues
  • Fuel system and gas tank problems
  • Electrical system defects
  • Faulty door latches
  • Safety issues involving child car seats and restraints

Every car defect case has its own unique issues that must be dealt with to prove negligence on the part of an automaker or auto part supplier led to an injury or wrongful death. There does not have to be a car or auto part recall to hold the auto manufacturer responsible. An experienced car defect lawyer will uncover the truth of what caused the accident, which can include:

  • Using accident reconstruction specialists to recreate the wreck and prove that the auto defect, as opposed to any other factor, directly led to the accident.
  • Having experts examine the wreckage to find evidence that proves there was a defect if a recall has not already established it as fact.
  • Investigating automakers, auto part suppliers, car dealerships and automotive repair shops to discover the source of the defect, when it was found and if/when car owners were notified concerning the issue.

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