Injured by a Defective Product?

About Defective Products Liability

Florida law allows a person injured by a defective or unsafe product to recover his or her losses. Wooten Kimbrough, P.A. has successfully represented many clients in cases against manufacturers and designers of various products, including tire, automobiles, aircraft, pharmaceutical and medical products, firearms and machinery. Some examples of clients who our Orlando injury lawyers represented include:

  • Picture of white and red pillsA teenage girl took a popular over-the-counter diet pill and sustained a traumatic brain injury. The product contained phenylpropanolamine (PPA), an ingredient reported to cause strokes and other serious health conditions. We filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of this diet pill for including such a dangerous ingredient in a product with no adequate warnings about the ingredient. The defective product case was concluded under confidential terms, and the diet pill no longer contains this ingredient.
  • A truck rollover case involved a victim who sustained a closed-head injury when his pick-up truck went out of control and rolled, ejecting him from the vehicle. His counsel proved that the pick-up truck had become unstable and “top-heavy” due to “lifting” the truck. The victim purchased separate components, springs, blocks and oversized tires to achieve the “lifting.” We obtained a settlement of just under $1 million by proving that the components’ vendors and manufacturers failed to provide a warning of potential injury risk.
  • A toddler sustained severe injuries including brain damage from an auto accident that did not injure anyone else in the vehicles. The injuries were caused by a defective automobile seat that collapsed in the car accident. Through an extensive investigation and discovery period, we found that the manufacturer knew about the safety risks but marketed the seat to families with children anyway. The injuries were so severe that future medical care for this child may exceed twenty million dollars. Our firm filed a suit that sought punitive damages for this defective vehicle and the known danger to children that it presented. We secured a confidential settlement that will satisfy all of the child’s life-long care needs and provide fair compensation for this preventable tragic event.

Experience and knowledge are major assets in the successful handling of product liability cases. Major manufacturers have the financial strength to mount a sustained and costly defense. Prosecuting defective product claims can be extremely complex, costly and time consuming. The experienced attorneys at Wooten Kimbrough, P.A. can offset the manufacturer’s monetary advantages in defective products cases and fight for justice and compensation for the injured party.