NHTSA Says, “If you listen closely, the turkey is really saying ‘Buckle-Buckle-Buckle”

Our Orlando Car Accident Lawyers Encourage Safe Driving

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is urging everyone to have a safe Thanksgiving holiday this year. They are doing that by providing state and local law enforcement agencies with the tools to promote safe driving during the long holiday weekend.

In conjunction with their “Buckle Up, America. Every trip. Every Time.” campaign, NHTSA has produced several posters, prepared news releases, op-ed articles and letters to the editor for state and local officials to use to encourage drivers to buckle up for the holiday. The posters use the following catchy phrases:

  • “Save the belt unbuckling for when you pass out on the couch”
  • “I don’t care if grandma’s house is just around the corner, You Have to Buckle Up”
  • “You sure wouldn’t want to miss the annual dressing vs stuffing debate – Buckle Up this Thanksgiving!”
  • “Eating turkey makes you sleepy, it doesn’t make you stupid – Buckle Up This Thanksgiving!”

NHTSA’s buckle up for Thanksgiving campaign is backed by national fatality statistics from 2005 and the fatality statistics from the 2005 Thanksgiving holiday.

In 2005, 51 percent of the fatalities were not wearing seatbelts and 41 percent of the children ages 4-7 who died were not restrained.  The results were the same during the Thanksgiving holiday when an average of 50 percent of people who died in car accidents were unrestrained.

The research has shown that wearing seatbelts saves lives. If you are in a serious accident while wearing a seatbelt, your chance of dying is reduced by 45 percent and your chance of receiving a “moderate-to-critical” injury is reduced by 50 percent. And while researchers are pleased with the 82 percent of those of us who do wear seatbelts, there are still too many deaths and fatalities as a result of drivers or their passengers who will not use the restraints.

As you travel to visit family and friends this Thanksgiving, please remind everyone to stay safe and buckle up – every trip, every time.

For more information, or copies of the posters, please go to www.nhtsa.gov .

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