National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration 2006 Reports

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The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration issued their annual Motor Vehicle Traffic Crash Fatality Counts and Estimates of People Injured in 2006 report.

Nationally, there were 42,642 people killed and 2,575,000 people injured in 2006, or 2.0% and 4.6% declines respectively from 2005.  The number of people killed or injured in passenger vehicles declined for all types of vehicles, except SUVs which had a 1.6% increase.  However, SUVs also had the largest increase in the number of vehicle registrations at 7.1% over last year.

Deaths in rollover crashes also had a decline of 1.6% in total, but there was a 1.6% increase in rollover vehicle deaths in pickup trucks.

The percentage of deaths in passenger vehicles of occupants not using their seatbelts remained at a constant of 55% and includes all age groups.  Of that 55% percent, 64% of the unbelted fatalities in automobile accidents occurred at night.

There were 17,602 fatalities involving a blood alcohol level > .08, virtually unchanged from the 17,590 in 2005.  However, the number of non-occupants (pedestrians, other non-occupants) killed by impaired drivers jumped 8.6%.

There were increases and decreases when the fatalities were separated by age group:

Age Group % Change
<5 -3.0%
5-9 -12.0%
10-15 -8.5%
16-20 -1.1%
21-24 +1.1%
24-34 +0.7%
35-44 -3.7%
45-54 +0.6%
55-64 -0.8%
65+ -7.9%
Unknown +2.8%

The declines in the number of fatalities and injuries in passenger vehicles is in contrast to the increase in the estimated number of vehicle miles traveled (+0.2%), the number of registered vehicles (+2.5%) and the increase in the estimated population (+1.0%).

In Florida, there was a 4.1 percent drop in the number of people killed in motor vehicle accidents from 3,518 in 2005 down to 3,374 in 2006.

Car accident statistics provided by: National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration

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