Orange County Bar Association Honors Council Wooten, Jr.

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The Orange County Bar Association (OCBA) awarded the 2007 William Trickel, Jr. Professionalism Award to Orlando injury attorney Council Wooten, Jr. at its monthly meeting on March 27, 2008. This annual award “recognizes an OCBA member who has practiced law for more than 15 years and whose career displays unquestioned professionalism”.

At the awards ceremony, Mr. Wooten expressed his gratitude as well as his thoughts on attorney’s professionalism. Here are excerpts of his acceptance speech:

“I want to thank the Professionalism Committee and the Executive Council of the Orange County Bar Association for this award. On January 2nd of this year, I began my 41st year in the practice of law here in Orange County so I’ve had the privilege of knowing not only Bill Trickel, but each of the other 14 recipients of this award. To be included among them is a great honor and I thank you….

Professionalism is about understanding that the practice of law is a calling, and not just a business. Professionalism is about understanding and being committed to following the dictates of our oath of admission to the Florida Bar. Professionalism is about civility in one’s manner of practice, while at the same time ardently representing one’s client. Professionalism is about being your client’s advocate, and at the same time being counselor and advisor. Professionalism is about saying ‘no’ to your client even when he or she only wants to hear ‘yes’….

There is more at stake here than simply requiring lawyers to adhere to the ‘letter of the law’ as outlined in our codes of ethics. We all – experienced attorneys as well as those just starting out – bear responsibility for improving the atmosphere of professionalism, civility and, yes, even humility, among our fellow lawyers….

In summary, as you strive to be an example of professionalism, remember these:

  1. Always show respect for the Court and Court officials.
  2. Train yourself in professionalism. Seek opportunities for your professionalism to grow through seminars, study and interaction with other lawyers.
  3. Never knowingly misstate any fact.  Who was it that said “a lawyer’s word is his stock in trade?” I like to remember that if you always tell the truth, you don’t have to wonder what you last said.
  4. When it’s called for, don’t hesitate to apologize.
  5. And finally, follow the golden rule. Always treat others as you would like to be treated and you will have gone a long way towards being the professional that Bill Trickel would have been proud of.”

Mr. Wooten has been an Orlando injury lawyer representing clients with injuries from auto accidentswrongful death and products liability in Orlando and all of Central Florida for over 40 years. To learn how you can put attorney Wooten’s skills and experience to work for you, contact our Orlando injury attorneys by calling 1-800-235-7060 or by submitting a form online. There is no charge for your consultation.