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The Defective Tire Investigation: You May Be At Risk!

The first sentence in the ABC News story should send chills to everyone who drives, “because of a badly flawed and archaic government recall system, millions of potentially dangerous recalled tires remain on the roads, on store shelves for sale, or simply unaccounted for.” In fact, the problem is so severe and the potential risk exposure to hundreds of millions of drivers has caused the federal government to investigate. The investigation comes in the wake of a deadly auto accident in Lake City, Florida, an accident involving a tire that had been recalled and should have been off the road. According to the National Transportation Safety Board, roughly one out of five recalled tires are still on the road today. The ABC News investigation was able to find recalled tires for sale in retail outlets from Atlanta and San Francisco. “According to the NTSB’s Karol, there are “400 to 500…
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Florida Teens Become Injured In Accidents

Two Tampa Bay teenage boys who were not licensed to operate their watercraft recently had a bad accident when their watercraft collided with stationary marine equipment. While this is one of the many examples of Florida teens that are hurt in car or boat accidents, the majority of accidents involving Florida teens occur in automobiles. Teen Driving Statistics Automobile accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Sixteen-year olds suffer from more crashes than any other age group, and 16-year olds are three times more likely to die in automobile accidents than older drivers. An average of 4,000 drivers between the ages of 15 and 20 die in any given year. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has released an estimate stating that the economic impact of teenage drivers equals about $40 billion. Of course, alcohol and cell phones also contribute to this dangerous trend. Insurance Companies…
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