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Are You Responsible for Injuries if You’re Wearing High Heels?

Comparative Negligence For Wearing High-Heels? Fifth District Court of Appeals Says No! Jennifer Bongiorno went to work one day dressed as she had every day before; wearing a pair of high-heels. However, on that day when she walked into the bathroom in her office building she slipped on the floor, falling and injuring herself. Ms. Bongiorno filed a lawsuit against the property owner and proceeded to a bench trial. In a bench trial the judge alone determines the verdict, there is no jury. During closing arguments, the attorney for the property owner argued that Ms. Bongiorno should be found partially responsible for the fall because she was wearing “four-to-five inch high-heeled shoes.” This attorney argued that by choosing to wear four-to-five inch heels, Ms. Bongiorno assumed some risk that she might fall. After hearing all of the arguments, the judge in St. Johns County, Florida held that both parties were…
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Slips and Falls

Falls are a leading cause of unintentional injuries in the United States. Approximately 8.9 million emergency department visits annually are associated to falls. They are also the second-leading cause of unintentional deaths in homes and communities. The most common locations where falls are reported to have occurred are: Stairs Ramps Uneven surfaces Unstable work surfaces Cluttered hallways Ladders Unguarded heights Areas prone to spills or wet substances/moisture Who are at risk of falling? Everyone!  Everyone is capable of becoming victim to a fall, but some people are at higher risk than others. Adults over the age of 55 are more prone to falling and injury.  These falls may diminish their ability to remain active and independent due to the injuries sustained. Falls among people 65 and older are actually four times higher than all other age groups. Slips and falls can, in many instances, be prevented by taking precautionary measures. Many of…
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2013 Blue Rhino Propane Blast Caused by Human Error

In 2013, on July 29th, thousands of 20-pound propane tanks exploded off County Road 448 in Tavares, FL.  Eight people were seriously injured including being critically burned in the conflagration that shut down the Blue Rhino processing plant.  Investigators are now stating that, as was expected, the explosion was caused by human error.  (Orlando Sentinel) In his initial interview after the accident, Tavares Fire Chief Richard Keith stated, “We honestly think it was probably an equipment failure with a combination of human error from one of the staff.” (WESH Orlando)  His initial suspicions have now been confirmed. Workers at the Blue Rhino plant repair, refurbish, and refill propane cylinders that are commonly used by consumers.  According to this month’s report, “leaking cylinders or containers that must be drained before they can be reconditioned are supposed to be moved from the storage yard to an ‘evacuation station’ where the propane can be…
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