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On the Importance of Taking Responsibility

Many people are quick to look down on Personal Injury attorneys.  Often they are referred to negatively as “Ambulance Chasers” and it’s alluded that they prey on the weak to take advantage of Big Business and Big Insurance to enrich themselves and their clients at the cost of raised premiums for insurance carriers.  Given mainstream media examples like Saul Goodman and Bob Loblaw it’s not hard to find out where this image comes from.  And while there are real-life examples of these fictional tropes, most Personal Injury attorneys really are there to help protect people, even those same Big Businesses and Big Insurance companies. Separating the Good from the Bad What a good Personal Injury attorney wants is to ensure everyone is taking responsibility for actions or inaction that caused someone to be injured.  That includes taking on those same responsibilities themselves.  When a client comes to one of these…
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Take Care When Back to School Shopping

It’s sadly true, but going back to school may be harmful to your child’s health? This year, when you’re shopping for school supplies remember that many may contain hidden hazards, especially in products containing vinyl. High levels of toxic phthalates, banned in toys and associated with birth defects, ADHD, obesity, behavioral problems and asthma, have been discovered in almost 75% of children’s back to school supplies. In a report by the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, seemingly harmless school supplies were tested in a laboratory, revealing potentially dangerous toxins. Products tested, including Spiderman, Dora, and Disney brand lunch boxes, rain boots, coats, backpacks, and binders were all found to have elevated levels of these toxic phthalates, causing serious concern as such use is already banned in other products. Here are some examples of items you should avoid purchasing: Disney Lunchboxes (contained 29 times the federal limit of toxins) Spiderman Lunchboxes/Backpacks (contained…
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Orlando Injury Attorneys on Vacation Safety

Florida is one of the largest family vacation destinations on the planet.  Between miles of coastline, dozens of theme parks, and hundreds of other travel destinations, the state of Florida is on the list of places that a family simply must visit.  As many begin to plan, pack, and head out onto the American roadways for their summer vacation, we’d like to take a moment and draw attention to some safety issues those headed to Florida may want to consider during their visit. Avoid Driving Distractions:  We mentioned a few common driving distractions in a recent post, and we’d like to draw your attention to those again.  Bored children is a big one on the list, and one that can’t easily be mitigated, but no one wants to be in a car accident while they’re on vacation.  So calm the kids, and work to avoid other distractions while you’re behind…
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