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How Tort Reform Causes the Problems it was Meant to Solve: The Texas Example

Opponents of patients’ right praise Texas’ tort reform as a model for other state’s of success. In 2003 Texas medical liability reforms were enacted to reduce exodus of doctors from the state due to high medical liability insurance costs. In hopes of avoiding a reduction in the quality of health care in the state, caps were put into place, limiting damages for pain and suffering in most malpractice cases to $250,000.  Texas’ reform has influenced other states to adopt similar caps to damages. In facts Texas is one of 31 states to have created a cap on damages. However the most recent data shows that the tort reform has not proven to be as beneficial as its supporters would have us believe. The cost of healthcare in Texas has increased at nearly double the national average. Spending has for diagnostic testing has increased as well, far exceeding the national average. The…
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How Medical Expenses are Handled in the Trial of a Personal Injury Case

This article is the first in a series on subjects you should know about regarding personal injury and wrongful death trials.  This particular article is to help explain how medical bills are handled in a civil jury trial for personal injuries. How medical expenses are handled in a personal injury case can be confusing. When a person is injured as a result of the acts of another person and receives medical treatment to care for that injury, there is a difference from the total of medical expense incurred versus the medical expenses which can been recovered in a court case.  When the doctor who treats you for your personal injuries, submits the bill to your health insurance for reimbursement, that insurance company usually pays the doctor at a “contract rate” and you usually pay a co-pay. For example, if the doctors charges $200 in total for the visit, your health…
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State Farm Accuses Doctor of Doctoring Medical Bills

A Florida judge ruled that a Brevard County neurosurgeon must turn over his surgical records for an auto-injury lawsuit filed by the Morgan & Morgan law firm against State Farm Insurance. State Farm has accused Dr. Ara Deukmedijan and the law firm of inflating the medical costs in an insurance claim filed after a car accident. State Farm intends to prove a pattern of Dr. Deukmedijan inflating costs for claims against insurance companies and a preset deal between the doctor and this particular law firm. On September 4, U.S. Magistrate Judge Phillip R. Lammens ordered the doctor’s records be turned over for the trial. No criminal charges have been filed against Dr. Deukmedijan or Morgan & Morgan—as of yet. State Farm alleges that the charges were excessive for the medical costs of the accident victim. One spinal surgery, which Deukmedijan typically performs in under an hour, was charged for $61,788….
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