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8.7 Million Pounds of Meat Recalled

According to the USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), as part of an ongoing investigation it has been discovered that meat processed by a California company may not be fit for consumption. A Northern California company has recalled over 8.7 million pounds of meat due to discovery that diseased and unhealthy animals might have been processed in absence of full federal inspection. The voluminous pounds of meat amounts to a whole year’s worth of meat processed by Rancho Feeding Corp., which produced the recalled meat. The company also recalled more than 40,000 pounds of meat processed on Jan. 8, for failure to do complete inspection. The effected meat was processed from Jan. 1, 2013, through Jan. 7 and then shipped to distributors and retail stores in various states including: California, Florida, Illinois and Texas. The meats that have been recalled include oxtail, liver, cheeks, tripe, veal bones, tongue and…
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Attention Florida Winn Dixie Shoppers

As of January 12, 2014, Winn Dixie announced an immediate recall of 30 oz. canisters of the store’s Instant Chocolate Drink Mix, with the expiration date JUL 14 15B. The product was pulled fro the shelves of Winn Dixie locations throughout Florida due to a potential incorrect formula mixture, which could result in an undeclared milk allergen.  The recall is limited to Florida locations and does not affect stores in Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana or Mississippi. Consumers with a milk allergy and cautioned and encouraged to throw the mixture away or return it to a store for refund. For individuals seeking a refund proof of purchase through a receipt or packaging label will suffice.  If consumed individuals with an allergy could experience reactions from mild to things such as hives and anaphylaxis. There have not been reports of any issues associated with the consumption at this time. To inquire into what…
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The Pill of the Poisoned Apple

It seems that as long as children have gone from door to door dressed in costume and asking for candy there has been some rumor of poisoned or tampered candies coming home.  Each of us can certainly remember sitting on the living room floor while Mom and Dad went through our evening’s take looking for “suspect” items.  Amazingly those same “dangerous” items also seemed to be Dad’s favorite treats as well. Parents desire to purloin some of their kids candy aside, is there a basis for the fear many have regarding tampered treats?  In a word, “No.”  According to Snopes there have been no verified accounts of candy being poisoned before being handed out to Trick-or-Treaters.  There have been several reports of candy and apples with pins, needles, and even razor blades inserted, however in all but one of these cases, it was meant as a poorly designed prank against…
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