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Start the New Year with a Safe Bang

New Year’s Eve is a time for renewal and celebration and, often, fireworks.  Whether you’re enjoying a local fireworks show, or lighting sparklers in your backyard, it is important to remember that safety is as important as fun, especially when handling explosives.  Firework are explosives and safety starts even before your celebration begins. The National Council on Fireworks Safety (NCFS) published a list of firework safety guidelines and urgied consumers to beware of unregulated fireworks.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission regulates firework manufacturing with strict standards and quality control checks.  Nonetheless, unregulated fireworks can be found and are likely homemade or manufactured in an unregulated facility with little to no quality control and thus, can be extremely dangerous. Unregulated fireworks are usually sold by a person without a license and are generally packaged in brown or dull packaging.  The NCFS recommends that consumers purchase fireworks only from a licensed vendor.  If you…
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More on the Takata Airbag Recall

The ongoing recall of Takata Airbags is back in the news again after more vehicles have been added to the recall effort.  According to Automotive News, this past Friday, June 10, 2015, the 2008-2010 Dodge Challenger is now being added to the list of recalled vehicles. The Challenger is being recalled to repair the diver’s side airbag, which is manufactured by Takata. The National Highway and Traffic Administration estimates that more than 88,000 Dodge Challenger’s would fall within the range of manufactured vehicles that would need to be brought in for service.  Multiple updates have been made to the Takata recall in the past month, and there is an expectation that even more vehicles will be added. In Orlando today the head of the NHTSA, Mark Rosekind is speaking at UCF (The University of Central Florida) on the potential dangers of Takata airbags.  He is expected to encourage anyone affected…
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Takata Expands Airbag Recall

After increased pressure from U.S. regulation groups, Takata, the Japanese vehicle parts producer, is expanding their airbag recall yesterday.  This recall, which will include 33.8 million vehicles, is now the largest automobile recall in history.  Estimates have been made that one in seven vehicles on the road today have one of the recalled airbag components and will need replacement. (This image notes the problem areas on a recalled airbag and was taken by our Office Administrator after his vehicle was listed in the original recall. Note the rusted areas at both ends.) Originally the recall was regionally based, only affecting those vehicles in areas of high humidity.  After yesterday, any vehicle with one of the affected parts is part of the expanded recall. The issue with these airbags is that they have the potential to allow moisture into the compartment which houses the propellant for the airbag’s inflation.  This allows the…
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