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New NHL Concussion Suit Filed Before Stanley Cup Finals

On the eve of Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals between the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Chicago Blackhawks, a former player has filed a lawsuit against the National Hockey League (NHL) for failing to warn him of the significant risk of brain damage. Ex-Blackhawk player and former coach of Tampa Bay, Steve Ludzik, filed the suit on Monday, June 1st in Chicago, Illinois. According to the suit, during his 10 year career, Ludzik claims he was “allowed and encouraged after suffering concussions to return to play in the same game and/or practice.” He now has Parkinson’s disease and claims it is a result of repeated concussions and continuing play in the NHL. This is not the first lawsuit to be brought against the NHL, or a professional sports league. Currently the NHL is facing a class-action lawsuit with several former players claiming a failure to educate and inform…
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Takata Expands Airbag Recall

After increased pressure from U.S. regulation groups, Takata, the Japanese vehicle parts producer, is expanding their airbag recall yesterday.  This recall, which will include 33.8 million vehicles, is now the largest automobile recall in history.  Estimates have been made that one in seven vehicles on the road today have one of the recalled airbag components and will need replacement. (This image notes the problem areas on a recalled airbag and was taken by our Office Administrator after his vehicle was listed in the original recall. Note the rusted areas at both ends.) Originally the recall was regionally based, only affecting those vehicles in areas of high humidity.  After yesterday, any vehicle with one of the affected parts is part of the expanded recall. The issue with these airbags is that they have the potential to allow moisture into the compartment which houses the propellant for the airbag’s inflation.  This allows the…
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Are You Responsible for Injuries if You’re Wearing High Heels?

Comparative Negligence For Wearing High-Heels? Fifth District Court of Appeals Says No! Jennifer Bongiorno went to work one day dressed as she had every day before; wearing a pair of high-heels. However, on that day when she walked into the bathroom in her office building she slipped on the floor, falling and injuring herself. Ms. Bongiorno filed a lawsuit against the property owner and proceeded to a bench trial. In a bench trial the judge alone determines the verdict, there is no jury. During closing arguments, the attorney for the property owner argued that Ms. Bongiorno should be found partially responsible for the fall because she was wearing “four-to-five inch high-heeled shoes.” This attorney argued that by choosing to wear four-to-five inch heels, Ms. Bongiorno assumed some risk that she might fall. After hearing all of the arguments, the judge in St. Johns County, Florida held that both parties were…
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