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Trick-or-Treat: Tips for Safely Celebrating Halloween

We’re just a few days away from one of the most enjoyable holidays, Halloween. This particular holiday always presents a greater risk for those celebrating due to a variety of reasons. This particular Halloween, we’d like to remind everyone about a few safety tips that will help make you have a safe, enjoyable Halloween. Every year millions of Americans hit the streets in their vampire outfits, princess dresses, and monster costumes. Going door-to-door throughout their neighbors in search of the best candy bars and endless supply of candy is a fun traditional, however, there are many hidden dangers to be aware of while trick-or-treating. Make sure your costume fits appropriately and does not drag on the ground; this could lead to a trip hazard. Make sure you are able to walk safely and not step on your costume. Also make sure any masks or costumes do not interfere with your…
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Our Building’s 100 Year History

Around 1914 Elizabeth Shine Woodruff, wife of Seth Woodruff, County Tax Collector for many years in Orange County wanted to build her dream home. The Woodruff and Shine families were extensive landholders in the Orange County area and families of great influence. The Woodruff home, where our attorneys now practice, was the first all-brick building in Orlando. Its outer walls are comprised of four solid layers of brick. The inside walls were initially painted with seven coats of paint. The home was lavishly appointed with a mosaic porch made up of tiles imported from Italy. Among other influential members of the community, former Orlando Mayor William Beardall attended the home’s first housewarming. Updates And Renovations Over time there have been some major changes to the building from its original layout. For example, the upstairs conference room, was initially a conservatory. This conservatory was  enclosed by windows on three sides.  Immediately below the conservatory was a drive-through…
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Recall Alert: Sling Café Sets Recalled Due to Fall Hazard

Dimension has launched a recall of Sling Fabric Café sets, which were for sale exclusively at Costco Wholesale Stores nationwide between December 2013 and May of 2014. The set has been recalled due to the discovery of a fall hazard created by the absence of a metal washer plate on the chairs. The sling fabric sets were for purchase for about $400 and consisted of two aluminum swivel chairs and a rectangular table with a porcelain tile tabletop with a natural stone appearance. Although no reports of incident or injuries have been released, consumers are encouraged to immediately discontinue use of the chairs and contact Dimension to receive a free repair kit or at the consumer’s request a full refund. Consumers can call Dimension at (800) 598-6532 between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday or online at by selecting “Customer Service” and clicking “Recalls”. In 2003 there…
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