Orlando: Most Dangerous City for Pedestrians

The National Complete Streets Coalition released its latest report on Tuesday naming Orlando as the most dangerous metro area for pedestrians. Tampa, Jacksonville, and South Florida follow right behind, with Memphis closing out the Top 5.

This map shows the number of fatalities due to vehicle/pedestrian accidents within Central Florida from 2003-2012. The Orlando-Kissimmee area had almost 600 pedestrian fatalities in that time-span.


The “Dangerous By Design 2014” Report uncovers design flaws on streets and roads, and provides design tips and recommendations to improve the safety of roadways. Here is a list of ways to improve road safety:

Strengthen Alternative Transportation Methods (walking/biking)
Hold States Accountable for Pedestrian Fatalities
Make Pedestrian Safety a measure for Federal funding

In the past we have shed light on the pedestrian dangers, but this report just furthers the need for safety and awareness on the roadways for pedestrians, bikers, and drivers. If you are involved in a pedestrian accident, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a free consultation of your claim.

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