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Hot Coffee

Hot Coffee by Sam Howitz

Decades ago a there was a famous suit brought against McDonald’s, involving a patron spilling coffee on themselves and being severely burned as a result of the excessively hot beverage. The case made headlines after the elderly patron was awarded nearly 3 million in 1994, for her injuries. In the years following that case suits have followed involving excessively hot beverages and injuries such as burns, scars and various other injuries resulting from the liquid.

A California woman has brought suit against an Oakland fast-food chain, In-N-Out Burger, after as she alleges she was handed an “excessively hot” cup of coffee. The beverage was so hot in fact she was unable to hold it. The woman dropped the hot beverage and suffered burns as a result. To make matters worse employees of the establishment refused to assist the woman by calling 911, and instead gave her ice and encouraged her to move forward so that other customers could be served.

Employees insisted calling 911 was against policy, a policy, which was addressed by the executive vice president of In-N-Out in an email, stating “all In-N-Out Burger associates are authorized to assist our customers and to call 911 in emergency situations.”
Scalding can cause very painful burns and often leave scars that last a lifetime.

Unfortunately, events like these happen and cause injuries to innocent individuals.

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