Ontel Recalls Isometric Exercise Equipment

Ontel ISO7X


Ontel is recalling ISO7X isometric exercise equipment, after it was discovered that the devices contain a defect with the handle grips which can cause parts to come free and forcefully ejected from the shaft of the device. The ejection of parts of the device can potentially cause injury to the user and or bystanders.

The company estimates the recall will affect about 170,000 units of the exercise equipment. The devices can be identified as being about 3 feet in length and made of hard plastic with grips on each end of the device and two nylon straps. Particularly this recall only affects the isometric exercise equipment that has black handle grips. The devices were available at sporting goods stores and other retail store nationwide as well as through tv order and online from October 2009 through August 2011.

Thus far there have been at least 10 reports of the handles breaking and ejection of the internal spring coil and/or rod. Of those report incidents there have been five reports of impact injuries, including puncture wounds and lacerations.

Consumers are encouraged to discontinue use of the recalled device and contact Ontel for instructions on obtaining a refund.  Although more serious injuries have not been reported defective products can potentially cause serious bodily injury and in instances death.

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