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Reminton 700

Reminton 700 by Vlad & Marina Butsky

A faulty fire control system has been discovered in both the 700 and 710 model rifles produced by the Remington Rifle Company, Inc.  The Company has pinpointed the affected rifles as those manufactured between July and October of 2002. The flawed systems cause the weapon to fire without the trigger being pulled. In fact all that is required for the weapons to be set off is for the rifles to be jarred or bumped while the safety latch is released.

After becoming aware of this dangerous flaw in the two models the Remington Rifle Company, Inc. voluntarily recalled a limited number of the model 710 rifles.

Numerous lawsuits have been brought against the Remington Rifle Company over its long and storied history. In an example from 1994, a Texas man was injured while hunting when the gun he was using went off shooting him in his foot. The jury in that case returned a jury verdict of $15 million for his injuries.

In 2010, guns claimed the lives of 31,076 Americans and 73,505 Americans were treated in Emergency rooms for non-fatal gunshot wounds. Only poisoning and motor vehicle accidents surpassed firearms as the leading causes of deaths in 2010 nationwide. Thousands of people die as a result of accidental shootings.

Caution is advised for those in ownership of weapons, which have been recalled or notified of possible faulty function. Guns are dangerous items, but guns that are flawed due to error by manufacturers are even more dangerous. If you or a loved one have been injured and those injuries are the result of a faulty firearm please call us today!

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