Is Your Baby Safe at Bathtime?

Parents be warned, there have been a large number of baby bath seat recalls recently.  In fact there were three just yesterday.

The Consumer Products Safety Commission (CSPC) has issued these recalls because the bath seats do not meet federal safety standards.  Specifically these three bath seats show a stability issue and have a propensity to tip over.  This poses a risk to the child and can lead to drowning.

If you have recently purchased a bath seat, or know a new parent who may have one of these items, you should contact its manufacturer to see what the options are for adhering to the recall.  Most are offering full refunds for the baby baths, but other remedies may be offered.

Here is information on the latest recalls:

If you or your family have been harmed by a poorly designed product, we may be able to help.  Let us review your case and we can tell you what remedy you may have available.

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