Orlando Police Testing New Accident Reporting Software

New software for police filing car accident reports in Orlando could quickly speed up the citation process, according to GovTech.com. In efforts to speed up a process that can often take weeks, the new software tool, equipped in police cruisers, will allow officers to enter information and file a report in about 20 minutes.

The software is called eCrash and was developed by LexisNexis. Police previously had to make handwritten reports that had to be processed, sometimes taking up to 90 days.

“By the end of the shift, they have the report, it’s ready and insurance companies can get a hold of it without faxing information and mailing their payment and waiting for snail mail,” explains Annemarie Esan, a community service office with the Orlando Police Department. “Everything is immediate…It’s nice, because if we look at a crash and say ‘it doesn’t seem right,’ we can go ahead and query them in the system and it will let us know…if they’re there.”

It sounds like the software will save a lot of time and money for law enforcement, and therefore taxpayers.

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