Pilot Makes Heroic Crash Landing On Florida Turnpike

A single-engine plane was forced to land on the Florida Turnpike earlier this month, shutting down rush-hour traffic, according to The Miami Herald.  Amazingly, there were no major injuries following the plane crash.

According to the National Transportation Safety Board, pilot Alain Jaubert was forced to make an emergency landing after an engine failure.  NTSB Spokesman Keith Holloway said that the investigation is still underway.

“We look at everything to piece together what happened,” says Holloway.  The plane had recently undergone maintenance, and this was the first flight since.  The crash landing that left everyone uninjured is being hailed as heroic by some.

“It was a tremendous effort on the pilot’s part not to get anyone hurt,” says Hollywood Fire Chief Virgil Fernandez.

What do you think, did Juabert save the day?  Or should the plane manufacturer or mechanic be held liable here?  What if people were killed?

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