Legoland Florida To Be Exempt From State Safety Inspections

Roller coasters and other rides that will be at the new Legoland Florida them park, scheduled to open in Polk County in October, will not be subject to state safety inspections, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

State officials agreed to allow Legoland to qualify for a 22-year-old exemption that was originally intended for Disney World and other theme parks.  The park’s rides and other attractions will be subject to the internal safety inspections from their parent company, Merlin Entertainments Group.

“Within our industry, it is common practice for the theme parks to govern themselves as far as ride inspections go,” said Jackie Wallace, Legoland spokeswoman.  “We are following suit.”

What do you think?  Should this park be allowed to govern itself, or is the state responsible to monitor them to prevent possible tourist injuries?

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