66-Year-Old Woman in Wheelchair Hit By Bus

In a tragic turn of events, a 66-year-old woman was hospitalized with serious injuries after a bus struck her motorized wheelchair on October 4th.  The Orlando Sentinel reported that she crossed in front of the bus without giving the driver enough time to stop.  Fortunately, neither the bus driver nor any of his 15 passengers were injured.

Several different factors can contribute to car accidents. What could have been the factors that caused this one? Was the bus going too fast? Was the driver could have been? Did the elderly woman need supervision? Could she have been the victim of nursing home abuse? Did her wheelchair malfunction?

In a situation like this, it could be beneficial to speak with an Orlando accident lawyer. With the woman’s injuries classified as “serious,” she could have a long recovery ahead of her and the mental and financial burden of that would certainly fall to her family.

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