Wizarding World Theme Park Dragon Challenge Ride Modified After Second Injury

According to the Orlando Sentinel, Universal Studios has adjusted the popular Harry Potter-themed thrill ride following two recent accidents in which tourists suffered injuries from loose objects. The Dragon Challenge attraction injured a man recently, causing permanent injuries to his right eye.

Universal Studios in Orlando said that it has stopped simultaneously launching a pair of intertwined, suspended-seating roller coasters that together make up the Dragon Challenge ride. As a result, the roller coasters no longer pass within feet of each other as they advance along the track, in near-misses that have long been the attraction of the ride.

The first incident occurred July 31, when 52-year-old Carlos Montalvo suffered an injury to his right eye while sitting in the front seat of one of the coaster trains. Montalvos’ family was visiting Orlando from Puerto Rico and called their vacation a nightmare. Montalvo’s injury required permanent removal of the injured right eye and the man was already virtually blind in his left eye.

The second rider, 19-year-old Jon Wilson of Ohio was injured last week when something hit him on his foot, arm and face while riding the roller coaster. Theme park’s officials have launched an investigation into the causes of the incidents and believe the ride itself did not play a role in the injuries.

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