Chantix May Increase Your Risk of Heart Attack

A new study conducted by a Johns Hopkins researcher says that the popular anti-smoking drug Chantix may be responsible for increasing the risk of heart attacks and other serious heart problems in healthy, middle-aged smokers. Dr. Sonal Singh, the study’s lead author, is calling for the Food and Drug Administration to issue a stronger warning on the Chantix medication label.

Dr. Singh says that it is important for consumers to seek methods to help them quit smoking, and that most smokers wish to quit their bad habit in order to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, however, they may be taking a drug that increases the risk of the very problem they are trying to avoid. The study was released in the Canadian Medical Association Journal and says that the risk has increased by 72 percent for healthy, middle-aged smokers.

Singh reviewed 14 clinical trials and said the risk is significantly higher than the U.S. FDA indicated when it warned about a small increase in cardiovascular impacts for those using the drug Chantix. FSA officials responded by saying more analysis was necessary before the agency would move to change its position on Chantix safety. The FDA has also asked Pfizer to conduct a randomized study of possible psychiatric and cardiovascular risks associated with using Chantix.

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