Keeping Your Children Safe At Disney Theme Parks

A trip to a Disney theme park can be quite a wonderful time for the entire family. Taking children to very crowded and busy public venues can create unique safety challenges for parents. While having fun, it should be important to always be safe. Parents can enjoy family adventures knowing their children remain protected and safe at fun places such as Disney’s Magic Kingdom.

As a parent, you should know that visiting Florida theme parks requires essentials such as sunblock, bug repellent, first aid basics such as antibiotic ointment and band aids, and sanitizing hand wipes. Pack these essentials in a small tote and always make sure your children are well hydrated while enjoying Florida’s hot sun.
Have your children wear brightly colored clothing and comfortable shoes. As a family you can wear matching brightly colored t-shirts which will help repel some of sun’s hot rays but also easily identify you in large crowds.

Review stranger danger rules before your trip and when you arrive at a theme park. If your children are old enough, explain to them the rules about talking to strangers and asking for help if a stranger approaches. Also, take precautions against getting separated in the crowd. Older children can make great use of walkie-talkies and cell phones, while parents can keep toddlers safe with a wearable harness. A wearable harness is comfortable for a toddler to wear and an effective way for a parent to keep a busy toddler nearby. Point out park officials, employees and first aid stations to your children so they know what they look like and who to approach in case they get lost or separated from you. Also, review exit signs and a meeting place at the park in case you become parted.

An Orlando injury lawyer can provide guidance if you have been injured while visiting one of the many theme parks in Florida.

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